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Just MEH

This is the first time I don’t have a major idea or theme for my blog.  Maybe it’s that I’m feeling sad.  I honestly have no major reason to be depressed.  The work drama continues, and I think that mostly, … Continue reading

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When the Good is Bad

I was just sitting here today wondering when good will simply feel good again.  I think you probably know what I mean.  It happens in an instant.  You are doing something with family, friends, as a couple, and you are … Continue reading

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Experiences Compounded

One of the things that has really been in my face lately is how much this betrayal has affected other life experiences.  For example, yesterday, my kids were in the car, and they noticed a gem on a sign.  They … Continue reading

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Just click your heels together three times

Trigger.  For those of us who have experienced the trauma of infidelity (and make no mistake, this IS a trauma of the deepest kind), the word “trigger” now has a new meaning.  It means that the smallest of things can … Continue reading

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