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Before D-day, I rarely paid attention to the judgments of others. Sure, things stung, but over time, I realized their judgments were based on their issues, and it was easier to move through the world. Now, I feel every judgment … Continue reading

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I have always been comfortable being alone.  I wake up early to have time on my own to write, read something positive, or meditate.  I retreat to my office for lunch to have time to regroup and process my morning.  … Continue reading

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I am feeling flat lately. Before dday: I felt comfortable, relatively happy in my life and trusted that even though we were incredibly busy with three kids (two babies), that as time moved on and that season of my life … Continue reading

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Quick Check In

I am just taking a minute to check in, as it has been longer than I intended, and I wanted to update. Things have been going relatively the same for a few weeks.  I have sadness and am riding the … Continue reading

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EQ, self-esteem, and exhaustion

I feel like this will not be my most coherent post, and yet, I need to share in the hopes that either getting it out will help or someone will respond in some way that makes me feel less alone. … Continue reading

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