Dday.  It certainly is a word that makes those of us who are going through this cringe.  In April of 2015, I found an inappropriate photo on my husband’s computer.  I knew.  She was an old high school girlfriend he had only dated a few months, but they had reconnected on Facebook (shocking, right?).  There had been an emotional and physical affair, but mostly, it was no strings attached sex.

I have learned so much about myself on this journey.  I know who I am and stand strong in my truth.  I know what I will and won’t accept.  I do want to reconcile, but if I cannot find happiness, then I certainly will take care of myself and leave. I hope to share where I am on this roller coaster and how infidelity affects people.  The media simply does nothing except make affairs seem glamorous, and I can assure you, affairs are anything but wonderful love stories.

I want to share this journey with you, but I also hope to blog about life…because despite our pain in those initial months, we certainly must find the strength to pick up, move on, and LIVE.  I cannot wait to connect with all of you