Another day, another interview

Yes, I interviewed again today. I always think it went well, and then I get the dreaded rejection. It’s crazy that we never know if they already have a candidate in mind. What is worse are all the thoughts in my head. I replay the entire interview and then berate myself for how I responded or for the things I should have said. It’s exhausting. I’m ready to go to Walmart (ok. Not yet).

Have you thought about the ways our self-esteem has taken a hit since dday? I know that I not only feel bad about how I look and the fact that I clearly chose someone who could do this to me, but I also am so angry with myself for not seeing the red flags. I no longer trust my own judgment. I missed so much. What makes me want to curl up in bed even more is the fact that there was so much work drama and betrayal during and after my husband’s betrayal(s) that I now don’t trust work situations. After every interview, I wonder if they are truly kind people. I simply do not trust my own judgment about people or even my own skills. It certainly makes it very difficult to “sell myself” during the interview. I’m a terrible actress. Every day, I pray someone SEES me and knows all I can do if I am just given some support. This is all so frustrating.

Do you have self-esteem issues after all of this? How are you coping and supporting yourself through the madness of it all?

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