Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by women helping other women, and it is such an amazing experience. There is positive energy, and each one is lifting someone up. Most of the time, they just met the other, and being a witness to such giving and loving people has been such a lift to my spirit.

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on having more gratitude. As many of you know, when we are dodging all that life throws at us, it is often so hard to find positive things. Still, I know that I have such amazing things to be grateful for. Each day, I pick the kids up from school, and we each list three things we are grateful for. Honestly, it takes about three minutes, and there is usually a lot of laughter about why we are grateful for the things we chose. It’s really been eye-opening because throughout my day, I’m looking for things that I will choose for one of my three things to share with the kids, and as I am doing that, I am noticing more good than bad. Who knew?!

Yesterday, I had lamented my situation and cried for a portion of the day. I have been thinking of what other job I might do that I would love and that would allow some flexibility to be there for my kids when they need me. It has been so hard because every day, there is some news story about a teacher shortage, but I cannot get an interview here because I have too much experience and schooling! I have been disheartened. Yet, there has been a woman who reached out to me. She has been encouraging me and offering professional advice. She seemed to look into my eyes and know what I am going through both personally and professionally, and just her believing in me helped me to believe in myself. At 7:34 last night, I opened my email to find an offer to interview for a teaching position. This particular district is amazing and supportive, and I would have the opportunity not only to work with students again but to learn and grow in my field! What a gift! I have since moved forward to prepare for the interview, believing in my heart that this opportunity is here for a reason.

After all that has happened, it is time to find some good. I am more than ready for changes that feed my heart and soul and allow me to continue growing toward the woman I am to become.

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