Infidelity and Health

Lately, and honestly since D-day, I have been getting sick a lot.  If there is a bug in my general vicinity?  I get it.  If other people get well quickly, I get pneumonia from it.  I constantly feel exhausted, no matter what I try.  I meditate, journal, go to therapy, walk, read.  I just do not know what to try next to feel better.

I have been reading about adrenal fatigue.  Apparently, with a good deal of stress and often when it is prolonged, the adrenals become flooded and are unable to do their job well.  I am on this journey of trying to make my health better.  I have been eating better than I used to but darn, if not an ounce of weight drops off of me.  An interesting fact about adrenal fatigue is the craving of caffeine, salty foods and sweet foods.  Yep.  Sign me up.  I will be visiting an endocrinologist soon to try to figure out where I stand and to hopefully, slowly, begin to feel better.

Have any of you noticed a decrease in your physical health after dday?  Do you have symptoms of adrenal fatigue?  I’d appreciate your input.  Have a wonderful Monday, friends.

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4 Responses to Infidelity and Health

  1. Yes definitely. I feel it’s certainly an emotional response on the body with me. Everybody keeps telling me to ‘self care’ but I find it hard.
    Improving diet, getting adequate sleep and exercise will all help to some extent. Hang in there xx


  2. cax60 says:

    I certainly have seen a decrease in my physical health since DDay. I hate it! The added injustice of it is appalling! Continuous stress and not sleeping properly is bound to have an effect I guess. You are right to do all you can to redress this . I am now trying to focus on my physical health and feel more and more how important it is. .I want a future – maybe one without my husband-and I want it to be healthy. Let’s focus on that; focus on us. Take care. Kate.


  3. Wow, never heard of adrenal fatigue till now. But yes, I opened a boat load of shit health issues immediately after D-Day. I chronicled them here:

    I had a breakout of measles!! I had a fracture in my right knee, and till date, I don’t know where I hurt myself.

    I have been better this year, but my mental and emotional frame of mind is still volatile.


  4. I have medical issues from prolonged stress, although not from my husbands infidelity. That just exacerbated it. Years ago my first long term partner died while we were sleeping. I went from 135lbs to 97lbs in six months. Started having hypoglycemic seizures, skin lesions and rashes from crying. The chemical change from the stress actually made my tears caustic. The most telling sign was the hair loss. It was bad. Now, my body is sensitive to the stress hormone cortisol and I have physical symptoms when I get stressed out. First I lose weight, then my hair falls out, like a lot of it. A decade later and I still feel feel different physically, less healthy.


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