Quick Check In

I am just taking a minute to check in, as it has been longer than I intended, and I wanted to update.

Things have been going relatively the same for a few weeks.  I have sadness and am riding the roller coaster of emotions, but I am just very busy with the kids and with the stresses of daily life.  I do still feel resentment and have noticed it is peeking in when I am not expecting it.

I have read others’ posts on forgiveness and have felt a bit of anger about the topic.  I am clearly not ready to even think about it, even though I know that it would honestly be to free myself.  I know that may be the ultimate goal, but I don’t see a reason to focus on it or stress about it, and it frustrates me when it is brought up.  I kind of feel like it will happen on its own over time.

My work situation continues to add more stress than I even want to write about.  I feel so frustrated seeing things that others refuse to acknowledge or improve and when people lack self-awareness, it is almost like it triggers me and reminds me of all of this crap.  I wish that work was a safer place, but it definitely is not.


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1 Response to Quick Check In

  1. Hello there…

    Don’t push yourself to forgive. At all! That is not how it is done. A pressure can forgiveness is no forgiveness. Work towards calming yourself and think of what outcome you are looking for. I am asking for calming yourself not as a relief to the husband, but because then you would be thinking straight.

    I go to office for the money. Work too is a great source of stress, and I am happy that atleast there is money coming in. I like to think that because I have a financial cushion, I am not as helpless as I otherwise would have felt.

    In most other blogs (where the woman was stay at home), the pain is harder and the helplessness greater. We may not be millionaires, but the bucks count.


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