When the other life stuff comes

I think I am heading into depression. I have three master’s degrees. I cannot find a job I want. I likely won’t get hired because I cost too much. All I want is a chance…but I’m starting to really get the impression I won’t get one. I get interviewed but no call backs. Or I make it down to the final two–and they hire the one with fewer years and degrees. I’m tired. I feel so much sadness and as if I don’t have value.

The blows of the rejection are so painful now. It’s like a reminder of how my own husband chose something else over me. To be chosen once…to be believed in…to have one chance. That’s all I want. I need one person to show me they believe I can do it and I would rock it. The idea of staying in my current toxic environment is terrible. I feel stifled, claustrophobic. I am not sure what to do next.

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3 Responses to When the other life stuff comes

  1. I get you.

    I am glad to have a stable job. It helped me with knowing that I had my own financial independence. On the flip side, I am stagnating at my career level, and there are multiple reasons why I am not able to go the next level, just yet.

    Try and get a job. Can you start with some volunteering etc that takes you out of the house, and engages you in something?

    I am sorry. The depression is real.


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